How to handle .psd files with GIMP

How to export .psd files with GIMP

GIMP is able to export .psd files. To test how well it works I’ve used GIMP to create a document with two layers:

  • one filled with yellow colour (in the foreground)
  • one filled with blue colour (in the background)

To the first layer I’ve added a mask. Inside the mask I’ve wrote the word Test with a black brush. (That’s why the layer filled with blue colour is partly visible.)


To export as a .psd file from GIMP click on FileExport as …

Then just write .psd after the file name (or click on the little + Symbol in the bottom left of the window and choose Photoshop image from the list).

That’s it. If you open the document with Photoshop you will notice that all layers and masks are displayed correctly.


You can edit everything just as if the document would have been created with Photoshop.


How to open a .psd file created with Photoshop

Just open GIMP, click on FileOpen and choose the .psd file you’ve created with Photoshop.

In my tests GIMP displayed all layers and masks correctly.

How to make GIMP look and work more like Photoshop

GIMP is a professional, pixelbased image manipulation program. It is open source and free to download from On many Linux distributions GIMP is already preinstalled.

Because GIMP is [open source / free] software you can customize everything to meet your needs. This step by step instruction shows you how to

  • make GIMP’s look more similar to Photoshop
  • change the GIMP keyboard shortcuts to the one’s of the latest version of Photoshop CC (April 2016)
  • add a personal splash screen
  • and more.

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